New Ambassador Andrew

New Ambassador Andrew

Meet Andrew, get2gether’s first Ambassador for Midlothian

Congratulations, Andrew, you are get2gether’s new Ambassador. Tell us, why did you apply for this role?

Andrew Hiddleston, Ambassador

Andrew Hiddleston, Ambassador

Initially I thought I was applying for a volunteer post, but when I heard from Marion it was a paid job, I went with the flow.

I didn’t really have the confidence to apply for a paid job, but Marion and the team believe in me and I am enjoying the work very much.

To do something like a paid job I never thought I was equipped to do is fantastic. I am like my clever brothers now.

And how did you find the interview process?

I found the interview relaxed. I sense Marion felt my nervousness at the importance of the interview and I felt the room was wanting me to show my best.  Not a cold interview like one I have had in the past … They kinda wanted me to show the best of me.

You’ve already hosted your first Ambassador events. How did it feel being an events host?

Andrew at KaraokeIt was really nice it was a night out in Mayfield. Our members are really lovely lads and lassies and I enjoy spending time with them.

I was thinking some members would not have come if it wasn’t a get2gether event. Members arrived, had fun and I mixed and mingled.

I can be lively, which I think is handy as an Ambassador.

Did you encounter any challenges?

I was at the event half an hour before, but no-one approached me for advice to get in. I was so relieved that everyone had the confidence to enter themselves. One member brought his whole family and it worked out fine.
Finding my way about is a challenge I took on and I feel I have overcome, thanks to get2gether. My travelling opportunities are much wider since joining get2gether.

What are your hopes for your Ambassador post?

Andrew in gardenI enjoy working with the other Ambassadors and I want to grow in confidence so I can offer more.

Even wee things like the newsletter: to give it a trendy name as with the ATIK nights.

I hope to put on joint events with my Ambassador colleague Karen.

Katrina showed friendship as an encouragement for me to grow. I can only hope that as I get more confidence, I can add to the success of get2gether.  

And what would you like to achieve?

Just what I said above and to grow in confidence. 

Add things and events that folk never thought of, to surprise our members.

With the relaxed nature of get2gether, I’d like to add to get2gether … simply to publicise events and to get more people to sign up.

I want to tell people what get2gether is all about.

I get lonely when I’m just sitting at home and if you are lonely, get2gether is for you.

Andrew at Steering group