How to change routine? – Ask Mystic Mairi

How to change routine? – Ask Mystic Mairi

Question from a member:

“I am a bit tired of my routine. I am looking for change, maybe work, but I am not sure of where to start or what I need to think about…”


Mystic Mairi Answered: “That is very courageous of you! This kind of thinking is very good. Change is great!


Especially for someone with a learning disability, we do not like change as a rule. When we were growing up, mostly the focus was on what we can’t do,… but actually we should all do more! Push out of your comfort zone.


To begin with, start with something that you love. Don’t do it because your pals are doing it. Do it for you! If you love model airplanes – do that. If you love dancing – do that. If you love reading books – do that. Do something that will spark your interest!


However, you might also want to think about your mental and physical health. Sometimes when changing routines things get a bit too much. Remember, if you need to go to an appointment, or cancel it, let people know – just remember to phone. Let people know that you won’t be able to make it.


I think personally if you speak to someone that you know they will understand your perspective on that. For example at the moment myself people have been very understanding, working to accommodate me and get2gether understands.


You should find the right support.


Tell people that will be able to support you.


You yourself and your own wellbeing come first, and embracing the change is important. Keep in contact with people that are involved with your wellbeing, as only you know what is going on with you. Keep people posted.


You don’t want people to bring you down. What you want is people that bring you up!


Be very positive about it, and go for it!


Also, regarding changing routine what I have to say to you is – well done, Mystic Mairi is very proud of you!”


Mairi adds on this point: “Unfortunately Mystic Mairi won’t be able to be at the next ATIK as she is going through a personal change and I have to adapt to the new situation and compromise, but I know that with the right support and with get2gether we can find a solution that will benefit everyone.


For me to really understand this and to be pushed from the comfort zone I have been involved with steering group, where get2gether treats me as being equal.


get2gether treats me with respect.

get2gether gives me the power back.


Now I need to remind other people in my life that I’m an adult and I want to be allowed to make mistakes.”


Mairi loves reading. At the moment she is reading Dalai Lama’s book about meditation, calming the mind and focusing on being positive.

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