January cover story

January cover story

Introduce yourself. Who are you? What are your passions?

Hi, I’m Emma! I’ve been a member of get2gether since 2017. I joined because I was looking for charities or people that I could film about for my YouTube channel Reluctant Penguin Film Productions. 

I came across get2gether doing an event called the Wild Ceilidh Night. I emailed get2gether and Marion invited me to film and to become a member. So that’s how it started.

Since I’ve been a member, I’ve been filming events and I have used it to build my channel.

Congratulations on being appointed as get2gether’s new Ambassador. What are you most excited for about your role? 

Meeting new people and creating events using my lived experience to speak to a wider audience as a filmmaker and actor. Just in any way I can to promote get2gether’s good work.

Do you have any events in the works that you can tell us about?

We’re still planning murder mystery events, that proved to be extremely popular during the pandemic. I’m also looking to do more online events such as going into Shakespeare, maybe opera, literacy books, history because that those are things that I’m interested in. Also some filming events, I’d like to get a group together and film in Princes Street Gardens for example! 

What motivated you to apply for the ambassador role?

Largely because I just wanted to give it a go. I’ve been applying for work for 10 years, which I’ve failed spectacularly at, so I didn’t expect to get it. It was also the first job interview I’ve had since 2021 so I just wanted to give it a go and sharpen up my skills. Also, money is always good in a cost of living crisis and the fact I don’t get a lot of support.  

I want to do something I’m passionate about, like my activism. I also do Lung Ha – on the side, I am also an actor. I’ve done professional work with the National Theatre of Scotland. I’ve been an actor for basically 10 years with Lung-ha.  It is extremely important to me.  

What’s your favourite thing about get2gether?

The fact we’ve got a very versatile representation of members. In general, the media representation of the disabled is one dimensional  but get2gether shows it’s not. We’re a group of very versatile, third dimensional, maybe fourth or fifth or sixth dimensional people. We come together to showcase that disabled people are versatile people, we can be good people and bad people. We’re not just disabled people, not just the poor people that the government are just gonna ignore. We are there, we have a voice and if someone is being ignored, we’re gonna use our collective voices to help that person. And I absolutely feel like get2gether does that.

Let’s talk get2gether members. Is there anything that you’d like get2gether members to know about you? 

I’m pretty open to speak to everyone! I also have a discord so if you play community games, hit me up there. If you’ve got any ideas for events, feel free to message me. If you’re too shy to speak to someone, I’m open to speak to anyone. Except for Tories, if you voted Tory to stay away from me. 

What would you say to people who are interested in signing up as get2gether members but are a bit nervous?

Do it! You don’t have to come to events immediately. Vibing and knowing about get2gether is valid too, there’s no pressure to come along immediately, you can go at your own pace! Join us online, follow our work at a distance or on facebook, it’s up to you.

Any final thoughts?

l’ll just throw in that each of you has worth. You’re valid person, don’t forget that – I look forward to meeting you in the future whenever and wherever that may be!

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