January Cover Story

January Cover Story

We interviewed get2gether member and author Leeanne to discuss her first novel ‘My Journey Through Life – The Real Me!’.

Leeanne is hosting a ‘Share Your Story’ Open Mic Night on Wednesday 19th January, over Zoom.

Come along and share a story, song, poem, article or piece of artwork all on the theme of friendship and connectedness.

To sign up, contact office@get2gether.org.uk.

How was the process of writing the book?

It was okay – ups and downs! All authors have times when they have to stop at certain points and take a break if the topic is too challenging. To work through it I took some time away from it, going back to it a month later when the words had come to me. 

It really helped me to write my story down because of everything I’ve been through. And now it’s on pieces of paper and I’m happy to share awareness.

How was your book launch?

It was Thursday 28th October 2021 at the Yodel Hotel in Edinburgh and it was absolutely great to see so many people again, it’s been a while because of covid-19. 

It was really emotional, I did a big speech which people found moving. Charlie from SCLD gave a speech, then Jamie from RSA who sent in a video, then me thanking everyone and speaking about my journey. My editor and I talked about the editing process and then I read a chapter of my book. Then there was 45 minutes of book signing and chatting. 

I’ve been in touch with Nicola Sturgeon to see if she has any connections to pass onto. a signed copy of my book, as someone from the care system. 

Do you have plans for a second book?

Yes! I do have a plan but I’m keeping very quiet about it at the minute.

Watch this space! 

What else do you have planned for the future?

Although I have a full time job, I have to balance that alongside writing a second book, publishing my first book and doing public appearances. It can be tricky but it’s worth it. Maybe I could move out but that’s very far away, it depends where my books and my life take me. 

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