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Laughter Yoga

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We had the pleasure of speaking to John Gallon, a Laughter Yoga enthusiast. We chatted to John about how he got into Laughter Yoga and the positive effects it can have on your life. After the success of his last Laughter Yoga session, John will be hosting another class on Monday the 4th of January 2022.

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Read on for an exclusive interview with John and reviews from our members!

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter yoga is a type of yoga where you do exercises that are beneficial for your health. It’s good for managing stress and for those experiencing isolation it can reduce loneliness. It’s an exercise so it’s still something that gets you moving, but it’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself!

How were you first introduced to Laughter Yoga?

I got invited to a laughter yoga class in Inverness. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I tried it and absolutely loved it. Others in the group really loved my laugh, and found it contagious, which was brilliant.

What has Laughter Yoga brought to your life?

It has kept me going during Covid! It brings joy into my life and allows me to help other people too.

How do you feel Laughter Yoga would benefit our members?

I think it will make members feel so happy. I think a lot of people will absolutely love the experience, and I’ve had very positive feedback from the sessions. Most of the exercises are seated which people tend to prefer, and means it’s accessible for more people.

What tips do you have for members starting out with Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is thirsty work, so make sure you have a bottle of water next to you! This is also why the relaxation breathing exercises at the end are such an important part of the session because Laughter Yoga can be a bit tiring. I’d also say that even if you don’t want to take part, you can still just sit back, watch and enjoy yourselves! And then in future sessions when you feel more confident then you can try joining in.

Do you have any future plans for Laughter Yoga?

I’d love to get training to be a Laughter Yoga Practitioner so that it’s something I can make money from. I also like hosting Laughter Yoga events with a theme. So for example, a Christmas Laughter Yoga Session where I wear a red nose and do the ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ exercise, or a Halloween Laughter Yoga Session where I do a Witchy ‘stir the cauldron’ exercise. There are so many exercises you can do!

Feedback from our members:

“Laughter Yoga hosted by John Gallon and Katrina Lynch was a resounding success and I really enjoyed myself. The hosts were warm, inviting and compassionate. Their kindness and peace where invaluable. I thoroughly recommend Laughter Yoga. It was a fantastic event and helped to calm and destress me for the week. I cannot praise Laughter Yoga enough.” – Mairi Therese

“It is really good fun. My face was sore from all the laughter by the end of it! It’s a nice thing to do, especially if you’re feeling low or having a bad day it’s a great pick-me-up. I love Laughter Yoga and I can’t wait for the session in January” – Katrina Lynch

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