March cover story!

March cover story!

“You’ve said, we’ve listened”

For over 10 years, get2gether’s steering group has been driving our community.

What is the Steering Group?

When get2gether was born in 2013, The Steering Group was working toward the first ever launch party!  

Today, the Steering Group is a group of members who meet to discuss ideas for events and share other opportunities that members might want to know about. 

get2gether staff listen to the Steering Group members and their opinions  directly influence get2gether’s delivery and our future.

Who can get involved? 

Everyone! Anyone who is a get2gether member is welcome to join the hybrid meeting – member’s contribution is welcome either online or in-person.

What do the Steering Group do?

Since 2013, the Steering Group meets every 6 weeks to work through an agenda (which is sent out in advance). Each meeting is chaired by one of our members – this could be you!   

At the Steering Group, we encourage you to bring your ideas for get2gether events and help us to build the inclusive get2gether community.

What has been happening at our most recent Steering Group?

At our most recent Steering Group, Ambassadors Stephan and Natalie told members that the Scottish Government had drafted a new Bill called ‘‘Learning Disability, Autism and Neurodiversity’ Bill (LDAN for short) and it would affect many members of get2gether. The Ambassadors had been working on a response to the Health and Wellbeing section on behalf of get2gether members. Members were invited to sign the document in agreement!

Our friends at SCLD will be hosting events to help people respond to the LDAN Bill consultation. There are two dates to choose from: Tuesday 27 February 10.30am or Thursday 29 February 2pm. There is more information on the SCLD website at

In November 2023 we had our first Steering Group Away Day! 

We discussed the future of get2gether and what members wanted to see. Members said “Keep doing what you do, because Love and Friendship keeps us going”. 

Members also told us that they want to help with fundraising. We have now established a fundraising subgroup that will meet for the very first time on 21st March at 1pm at Thistle Foundation and on zoom.

For more info, please contact We look forward to seeing you there!

Come and grab your seat round the table, we want to hear your thoughts!

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