Member Monday – Daniel F!

Member Monday – Daniel F!

Daniel F at our ATIK Latin Party, 21/04/22

For our brand new ‘Member Monday’ blog segment, we chatted to member Daniel F, who has been a get2gether member for over 2 years now! We talked to Daniel about all things ‘get2gether’ and his exciting plans for the future. Read on for the full scoop!

You’ve been a member since February 2020, what encouraged you to join?

I wanted to join something different and with more social and dating opportunities. I don’t have much of a social circle in Dundee and I joined just before the pandemic. But I wasn’t out and about during the pandemic so I took advantage of online offerings. My first event was Big Date Night, Monday Magic and the Wild Nights in. I didn’t go to many at first but I started going to more by the end of 2020. I started really enjoying the events.

What have been your favourite events?

I loved the LYL course, in spring 2021! I found it really helpful to talk about my feelings and to hear other people sharing their experiences. I also went to lots of DJ nights, Stay up Late and Let’s Talk About Sex events. I also love attending Monday Magic! 

I went to the meal at Mr. Basrai’s in March. It was difficult navigating a new city by car, but I felt so determined to meet everyone. There are loads of people there that I haven’t met before – it feels so good to meet new people! 

I went to my first ATIK in April 2022 after two years online – I found it great, I especially enjoyed speaking to people in real life.

Daniel F and Rosy at Monday Magic ‘Thank You’ lunch at Mr Basrai’s, 28/04/22

How has travelling through been?

I loved my first pop up because I got to see people for the first time. I made a day out of it with my flatmate and we went for dinner. I came back for bowling, that was fun, a bit different because I met new people and also I can’t go bowling in Dundee so it was a treat.

What does the future look like?

I bought my flat in South Queensferry in early 2022 – it means a lot! I would like to base myself between both Dundee and Edinburgh. I’m excited to explore the opportunities in a city where there is more going on. Outside Edinburgh is more affordable.

It’s a mystery but I’d like to meet someone special, perhaps with a view to marriage, see how it unfolds. It’s been helpful to talk about relationships and I’m excited to keep being out there and socialising and meeting people.

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