Mystic Mairi shares her experience with online dating

Mystic Mairi shares her experience with online dating

Mystic Mairi


In her early 20s Mairi was on a look out for a date. She decided to try her luck online. Without going into too many details, she would like you to know that she found herself in the situations, she would not want others to find themselves in.

Mairi: “Like I say in the newsletter “take someone you trust with you, meet during the day and meet in the public space!”

She continues: “What happened was this: I was young, I was really excited to meet someone and somebody I met online showed me flattery.

He told me “I can’t wait to meet you”, “you look gorgeous” and similar things any charmer will tell you.

I took it quite seriously, and I had big expectations. I decided that I would meet this person. I did not tell anyone at first. I did not discuss it with anyone, I just went and I did it – we met outside HMV at the West End and from the first moment they turned up but it was really, really awkward. We went for lunch and he would just not leave me alone. He was too close to me and that made me feel very uncomfortable.

I needed to make a lie to escape – I made up an excuse and left, took a bus and went home.”

Mairi continues “He never stopped texting, despite I told them I don’t want to see them again or I don’t want any contact anymore. “

She concludes: “I don’t want to down your spirit in finding the one online, of course I believe it is possible and go for it! This was just my personal experience and I don’t want such situation repeating to anyone else. The most important thing is that you keep yourself safe by allowing yourself an option to leave at any time!”

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