Tracey & Robert’s 6 Year Anniversary

Tracey & Robert’s 6 Year Anniversary

We interviewed members Tracey and Robert who are celebrating SIX YEARS of being together and are ENGAGED! Read on to hear more about their wonderful love story.

How did you two meet?

T: We met in Princes Street Gardens six years ago – I knew he was the one! We bumped into each other. 

R: To be honest, I never knew Tracey at first but I’m so glad I do now. 

What did you first think of each other? 

T: He’s nice, gentle, good looking! When we went on our first date, he took me to his second cousin’s pub. I thought he was charming. He’s everything I hoped to find in a person – kids, marriage, a future…

R: To be honest, I can’t remember! But I know she felt like the right person. 

What sort of things do you enjoy doing together?

T: We like going to the cinema and seeing movies together. I think the first movie we saw together was Harry Potter! 

R: I like taking Tracey out places – we used to love going to the pool hall together or discos with get2gether, Gorgie Farm and Ocean Terminal. 

Was it difficult during the pandemic?

T: 100% yes because we couldn’t see each other but my mum’s pal Angie surprised me with Robert one day, it was so nice to see him. 

R: Yes, I missed Tracey. 

What is life like now?

T: It’s fantastic as we get to see each other and he stays over. I love watching movies and giving him cuddles.

R: Yeah, it’s brilliant. We’re slowly getting back to real life. 

What does the future look like? 

T: We’re getting married in 2023! My family is helping us to organise and it’s very exciting. We’re having it at Queen Charlotte Rooms. 

R: I’m looking forward to getting married! 

Oooh, tell me about the proposal!

T: My workers, and my neighbour Charlene, and Robert were all there. Robert went down on one knee and said ‘would you marry me?’ and I said ‘one hundred percent, yes!”

R: I was a little bit nervous but mostly excited. 

What does it mean to you to get married? Is it important? 

R: Well yes as I’ve never been married before.

T: Yeah, I agree, it’s going to be fantastic. We’ll take loads of pictures and put them on get2gether at home! When Robert moves in we can frame the pictures in our home!

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