10 years of get2gether!

10 years of get2gether!

Ten years ago, a launch party was held at The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. It was a huge success, with over 200 people showing up to celebrate and have a good time. That was the beginning of get2gether ––the very first socializing event of what was soon to be hundreds. At the time, there were less than a hundred engaged members. Today, we’ve built a community of nearly a thousand members. get2gether was able to grow over the years because, from the very start, there has always been a strong foundation of love and friendship.

Our launch event was May 2013 at The Corn Exchange!

Then the pandemic started in 2020 –– all of a sudden in-person socializing became a challenge. It was no longer safe to continue on as normal. get2gether at home (now get2gether online friendship) was born on March 19th, 2020. It was a smashing success. Members were able to stay involved, and as of 2021, 27% of members have been digitally involved (higher now in 2023!). Even though in-person events have begun again, get2gether continues to hold digital space for their members. Interactive courses are online, and some events have been adjusted to be hybrid –– offering both online and in-person participation opportunities. The pandemic shone a spotlight on get2gether’s members and their resilience and commitment to one another.

Members asked for hybrid and we listened! Our Steering Group welcomes members from Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling and Nairn, as well as 15-20 people in the room!

A current member, Scott, joined get2gether in February of this year. When asked what friendship meant to him, he remarked,“Friendship means somebody who is there and nice to me that you spend time with, do things with, socialize with. Fun, enjoyment, talking about feelings, sharing time together”. get2gether means something to its members, it’s not simply a company, or a faceless entity throwing parties. get2gether is a community. He continued, “I kept coming back [to events] because the people were really friendly, they made me feel welcome and wanted, they asked questions and seemed interested”.

As an organization, get2gether strives to impact four main areas of life: reducing social isolation, increasing emotional awareness, increasing resilience, and increasing self-determination. Our members and staff exemplify these qualities –– get2together’s ability to thrive through the pandemic and over the course of ten years is proof. This is a community of members working together to be active contributors –– growing in confidence, taking positive risks, and building a peer-support network together.

Another current member, Natalie, grew up feeling isolated and ‘alien’. They embarked on an adventure when they joined get2gether in July of 2021. When asked how their experience was so far, they remarked, “I am really enjoying get2gether. I didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect to feel as included as I have”. They have now been in post as Ambassador nearly a year!

Planning the anniversary party in Oct 2022

At the 10 year anniversary on 25/05/23, get2gether’s director Mojca said:

In these 10 years, we have not only witnessed the transformative impact our work has on the lives of our members, but also the incredible strength and resilience of our members. We have seen how newfound friendships have brought light to lives that once felt isolated and lonely, we have seen members forming relationships, getting engaged and even getting married! We have witnessed the blossoming of self-confidence of our members and the empowering realization that everyone is worthy of love, respect, and a sense of belonging.

The Chair of the Board, Alasdair added “I love the fact we’ve moved from an organisation where we ran events ‘for our members’, towards a member-led programme, then further into being ‘member run’. It’s been such a strong transformation and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us!”

Some of the 10 year anniversary planning team! Taken by Leo Paredes Photography

Our members love what they do, and who they get to meet along the way. This is not only a celebration
of ten years of love and friendship, but also a celebration of all that is to come!

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