Bilal and ‘Lunch with Friends’

Bilal and ‘Lunch with Friends’

How was your journey to Lunch with Friends at Dobbies?

I had to get the bus from Stuart Terrace to Lasswade and I had to do this alone, normally I would be taught how to do a route before attempting it alone. I had to call Mojca and organize how it was going to work for me. Someone took me to the bus stop from work and I asked the driver to let me know where the stop was. It was a route I had never done before and wasn’t sure I could do it. It also involved me having to get off at Waverley on the way back and get down to the train station – which I also have never done before!

How has get2gether motivated you to do this?

I was motivated by the support of the staff at get2gether and their willingness to meet me at the bus stop and support me along the way via phone. I was motivated too by my own desire to get out and meet people and socialize. I was also really encouraged by the other members of get2gether that I could do it. Everyone else believed in me. 

Have you ever done that before? 

I have only ever done journeys alone a couple of times and usually on routes I know, this was a completely unknown route. It was very daunting to do . 

Do you think you will do it again now? 

Yes I will do it more now, I will keep doing special training that helps me learn routes.  The get2gether events are a good motivation for me to do this more. The newsletter really helps me because it tells me what bus to get.

How has doing this journey made a difference to your life?

It has really increased my confidence and opened doors for me. I feel hopeful and inspired that I can go out and do things that I want to do without relying on others as much . I am trying to use this skill now more outside get2gether.

(above: the Dobbies trip that Bilal was able to attend thanks to get2gether’s support)

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