This month we have mother and daughter, Joanna and Dionne!

How did you meet?

Dionne: We are mother and daughter – so we’ve known each other all my life!

What is your favourite get2gether event?

Joanna: I used to work a lot so I couldn’t come to events normally but now I come along with Dionne. Initially I was a bit on edge but it turned out amazing!! Now I’m like “when’s the next event??” 

It’s great to have get2gether. Dionne is a totally different person, much more confident and keen to talk to loads of different people. Even me, I have loads of people sitting with me. Best nights out ever! 

I’ve been made to feel so welcome. Whilst I’m losing my eyesight, it’s so nice to be around other people with disabilities. It’s great to know there’s a community of people out there. I feel less socially isolated. You need to have a social life, you’ll be lonely otherwise. 

Dionne: I love seeing friends and having a good laugh. I love making good memories at get2gether events. 

What are the best things about each other? 

Dionne: She’s my best friend. She’s so funny and caring. She gives excellent advice, my friends love seeing her at get2gether events too. 

Joanna: She’s just the most caring person. She’s got the biggest heart. She really thinks the best of people. 

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