Corey and Ian are #BecomingVisible

Corey and Ian are #BecomingVisible

At our 1-year anniversary festival on Friday, 19th March 2021 Corey and Ian prepared a first double dance act on zoom. They have officially opened the festival with their performance. We have been chatting with our resident dance teachers about their love for dance and about their year online, as both Corey and Ian are #BecomingVisible.

What does becoming visible mean to you?

Ian: (Pre-covid) it was about being out around town and meeting friends. Now it is about attending zoom events and being part of the planning group.

Corey: To have appeared on STV news and showcasing my dancing is what it means for me to be visible. It’s a good experience, people love the support because I’m a teacher. I teach them, all my friends online in the groups. The college has really helped me, supported me to teach and learn new things. I absolutely feel incredible.’

 Which projects are you involved with at get2gether?

Ian: Meeting with friends to plan the week, from there I started doing dancing live and moved onto zoom events and leading dance workshops. This has led to my own youtube channel. I have also done workshops with Dance Syndrome which has led to a partnership. I’ll look forward to being involved in these workshops.

Corey: Lots of dancing! Ian and I dance at the Wild Night in club nights on zoom, but even before we were also doing solo performances at the ATIK club nights – you can find the videos on YouTube. I love taking part because get2gether for me has been life-changing.

Dancing makes people happy and they’re having fun. I love working with Ian and working together, being a good team. We’ve been friends for a long time. 

Tell me about your dancing journey? You now teach classes and Ian, you have your own youtube channel?

Ian: I was a big dancer as a kid. When I was about 3 I was doing tap dancing. I’ve danced throughout my whole life, I did dance workshops at UpMo and now I’m in a place where I’m teaching at get2gether. 

Corey: During my childhood, I used to dance at school and nursery in talent shows. I’m an entertainer and I love to make people happy and show people I have talent. It’s a gift. For the ATIK opening night, I did Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. I love a mix of dance. 

Has becoming a dance teacher been an exciting experience?

Ian: Oh, yes. Actually teaching classes is my favorite part. Here is my youtube channel. 

Corey: My favorite has been taking on a leadership role and teaching people how to dance. I’d like to keep learning and teaching. 

What does the future look like? 

Ian: I want to be a dance teacher at a dance academy working with small children. I love fun dancing and playing games. 

Corey: I want to be a dance teacher too, especially Zumba and salsa. Dancing is my life.

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