December cover story

December cover story

For December’s cover story, we’re talking to our beloved DJ Andy! He’s looking forward to seeing you at Jewel Miners Club for our festive celebration on the 14th December, 7-11pm, pay what you can!

What draws you to music? Why did you become a DJ? 

I have always been involved in music – enjoying playing the piano, tuba, cello and drums. I’ve played on stage with various groups and artists and I’ve sung in many choirs. I just love music – it makes me happy. I like the buzz of it all. 

I got medically retired from being a motor mechanic so I had to try and find a way to make money because I was still quite young. I tried cooking and food hygiene but they wouldn’t accept me so I found someone who helped me get established as a DJ in 2006. I’ve never looked back! 

Tell me about joining get2gether? 

I loved joining get2gether and discovering a team of disabled DJs. I now do sessional work and I get out from behind the DJ booth to work 1:1 and in smaller groups with people. I love working the quizzes or the meals because there’s a good chance to talk to people, and meet new members. I enjoy the social interaction. 

What have been your highlights of being part of get2gether over the years?

The big events such as The Brunton 9 year party and 10 year anniversary at HYPE. Being part of get2gether has given me goals to achieve personally and professionally. I’ve been able to increase my workload, connect with other charities such as SCLD and Love Abilities. It’s opened me up to more events and different people across the world. 

Give us a favourite memory of a Big Night Out with get2gether? 

A favourite would be the very first Brunton Theatre in such a big venue and getting everyone up dancing! That’s stuck in my head. Doing big parties for disabled people makes me so happy. Working at ATIK , a mainstream night club in Edinburgh, having the dancefloor rammed… If I can do that, I must be doing something right. 

In your opinion, what is the future of big social nights for get2gether? 

It felt like a shame to lose ATIK and HYPE but we’ve had to move forward. It’s been difficult because Edinburgh is such an old city and there are limited venues that we can use safely. It’s been challenging but there’s been great energy and enthusiasm from the members to look for new venues. For now, social clubs are cheap to occupy, facilities and access are often great, and communities are very friendly. Most importantly, it means we can travel to where members are across Edinburgh & the Lothians. 

All our DJs bring fantastic energy to our Flagship nights. I’m confident we can do pretty much any night and throw a fantastic party anywhere.

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