November cover story

November cover story

“Without get2gether, I wouldn’t have made friends.”

This month, in November 2023, get2gether is celebrating 10 years of Love and Friendship!

Phillip, our November cover star, shares his journey and experiences, while also pitching all the exciting events he has planned for the winter.

Tell us about your journey at get2gether:

I didn’t know anything about get2gether, I had just heard about ATIK but I didn’t know how much was going on. I met people and started making friends – there are so many people to meet! I love being friendly at Big Club Nights and the other in-person events.

What’s important to you? 

It’s important that I keep myself busy, make friends and keep in touch with people. It’s important that I enjoy my life! 

You like organising events, can you tell us more about this? 

I have hosted three in person events; a walk along the canal, trip to Dobbies and my summer hang @ linlithgow. It made me feel independent, responsible and gave me a chance to speak to people I’ve not met before. It’s also great to share activities that I like with other people! 

I asked myself the question ‘What would Phillip bring to get2gether that no one can bring? Ideas! Spreading the word!’ It’s also given me a focus and a reason to get out of bed. 

What is next for Phillip? 

get2gether has changed my life and given me more opportunities to DO more. I think the more we do things, the more people want to do things. I like to lead by example! 

I’m going to finish the Live Your Life course. It’s a really nice place at Botanics and I’m enjoying having the course there. I’ll be at ‘pool and a pint’ with Stephan talking about Mens’ mental health. Playing pool and talking to people are two of my passions.

I would also love to get involved in Winter Hangs if they’re happening…I hosted and attended Summer Hangs this year, it was enjoyable to meet new people, build up trust, go out and about but it was a challenging experience also. I’m ready for more (watch this space!)

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