October cover story

October cover story

On the cover is a summer throwback with our Patron Rosie Jones! Rosie is famous for being her fabulous and unfiltered self on stage, on TV and in her most recent documentary. Rosie talks loudly and proudly about being a gay, disabled, sex positive woman.  

Rosie has been our patron since July 2020 when we asked her to join our Friday Funnies, an online comedy zoom event. Rosie has supported us in many ways since then and so we wanted to go and support Rosie during the Fringe Festival in August 2023. 35 of the get2gether team went along to enjoy Rosie’s show.

Members feedback included: “I think she was really important for us all…it was a big night! You can have disabilities AND be on that stage AND talk to so many of us.”

“I absolutely loved watching her, sharing this wonderful experience of this wonderful comedian with my friends. We’re all part of this team.”

Rosie, we loved meeting you at the Fringe, thank you for all your time! We had a few questions from members who weren’t able to make it:

  1. What does ‘Disability pride’ and community mean to you? 

    Disability Pride and community is about not being isolated and alone. It’s about finding people who understand you and what it’s like to live life with a disability. It’s about being proud of who you are and knowing that your disability does not mean that your life is less important than the lives of non disabled people. It’s about standing tall and saying, ‘This is me. Deal with it, or bugger off!’

  2. At get2gether, we advocate for healthy adult relationships – what would be your tip(s) for building these?

    Any type of relationship, romantic or not, should be built on honesty and kindness. Be very clear about what you did and expect back from the other person and remember that every relationship is a two-way thing. Treat them exactly like how you would expect to be treated. If they hurt you, or make you feel upset, tell them. And if they ever tell you that they feel hurt, take it on board and go out of your way to avoid making them feel like that in the future. 

  3. At get2gether, we have four objectives/aims which are increased emotional awareness, resilience, self-determination and reduced isolation – what are your objectives/aims for living your life?

    They are great objectives, I am going to take them on board! My life objectives tend to focus on joy, and happiness. I try to do at least one thing a day which will make me feel happy! I am quite aware that we only live once so it is all about living each day to the fullest!
  4. What is it like dating as a Queer disabled woman?

    Ah, it has its ups and downs, like everybody experiences when they’re going on dates. I think the problem for me right now isn’t actually to do with the fact that I am disabled, or queer, it’s more to do with the fact that, with my job, I am too busy to go on dates! I am hopeful that I will find a partner though…one day!

  5. When you eventually have your own movie, who will play you?

    Ha ha, I’m a little bit of a narcissist, so I’d say me, I would play MYSELF in a movie!

  6. Who do you look up to?  

Ooo there’s so many people, but in terms of comedy, I’ve always looked up to Victoria Wood and Billy Connolly. I became a comedian because of them. 

Thank you Rosie, we really appreciate your time and energy, and look forward to seeing you soon! 

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