“I may DJ with one arm but I’m not a one trick pony” 

Tell us a bit about yourself?

*laughs* well, young, single DJ/Mechanic. This feels like I’m on a date haha. Okay, I’m ambitious, I work hard and I like having a good time. 

Tell us about the start of your DJ career?

I was out with friends at karaoke in Livingstone. Lots of my friends had heard me say that I was looking for a job as I had been medically retired from the motor trade. One of them said ‘I’ve seen you do karaoke, how would you like to DJ for me?

Well, I said ‘you just need to guide me a bit, tell me what I need’ so he helped me set up my first gig. It really took off from there. I was very nervous because the first gig I did was a race night and I don’t know anything about gambling but there was a disco after so I relaxed into that. The night was a real success and it made a lot of money for charity, so I’m glad. That felt like jumping into the deep end and since then it’s been a breeze.

Tell us about your business, Nae Ice Entertainment?

I worked alongside people until I realised I could start my own business and do well. I went to business gateway and they showed me what I needed to do. The rest is history really, I’ve just gone from strength to strength. I’m up for doing discos, birthdays, weddings, karaokes, gala days, anywhere you need music. 

I have needed someone to help at times so I hired a sessional worker and I also have some DJs I can fall back on if I need to. 

This year business has been asleep but I’ve been retraining so that when opportunity presents in clubs I will be ready to take it. I want to work in clubs so I don’t need to be setting up all the time. I like to be able to plug in and play, it keeps the door open for all types of opportunities. 

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

That’s a tricky one, I couldn’t pinpoint anyone. I like many different kinds of music, maybe if I was to say one it would be Calvin Harris. I like the types of music and collaborations he has with different artists. The way he jumps across genres and isn’t known for just one style!

What does the Feel Good DJ Campaign and being a DJ mean to you ?

I’m proud to be part of it! I love that it gives all the get2gether DJs a chance to get their own gigs and it’s really nice to work with other DJs and collaborate. I love bringing joy to loads of people, making people happy, entertaining people when they might be feeling low. I love that music has the power to make people feel good. When I DJ for get2gether, it’s always encouraging to see so many people with a disability having a good time and knowing what that feels like brings me joy. And when people stay till the end!

What are your hopes for the future? 

The future: long term goal is to DJ in Ibiza or tomorrowland, or a residency somewhere in Britain as a club DJ.

Find DJ Andy Nae Ice on Twitch on Thursday 15th July, 7 – 11pm!

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