This month we have best pals Robert and Frank!

How did you meet?

Robert: We originally met through another get2gether member who introduced us and told us we’d be good pals.

Frank: Now we meet at get2gether events and outside!

Do you see each other outside get2gether?

Robert : Yes, quite a bit – we go to cafes like Luca’s. We go to Gig buddies events too. 

Frank: We go to the cinema and we go to pubs and have some soft drinks. We like to spend time together out of bother.

What is the best thing about your friend?

Robert: He’s supportive and he’s a good listener! He’s helping me learn Spanish.

Frank: He’s very patient. He’s a nice person. I like spending time together in each others company.

Do you want to share your friendship story? Let us know 🙂 Contact us – rosy@get2gether.org.uk

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