Katrina’s blog on her Ambassador Job

Katrina’s blog on her Ambassador Job

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of being an Ambassador for 2 years. I have made the job my own.
I’m really proud of talking about Self-determination recently this year at the Scottish Parliament.

Can you tell us how your Ambassador role has changed?
My role as an Ambassador has changed a bit recently in a good way. My hours have gone up. I now work 9 hours instead of 6. It’s a great feeling of being promoted as it shows we are doing a great job.
Well, I not only do Ambassador events but I also go to staff meetings, I attend get2gether’s steering group and ATIK planning meetings.
This year part of my job was also to co-facilitate Live Your Life Course and training get2gether offered to their members to be part of the Events Team. I was able to share my experience of hosting events and 4 of them now are part of the Events Team and.
I also represent get2gether at other events by public speaking and promoting our organization.
I feel my role has changed since I started and I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come since I got the job. It is coming to nearly 2 years, but I’ve been involved in get2gether since it started almost 8 years ago.

You recently did some work experience with John Lewis. Would you recommend this experience to other people? Why?
I really enjoyed my recent work experience at John Lewis.
I was working for the day from 11.00 am till 3.00 pm. I met 4 people, one of them was a woman named Debbie who looked after me for the day.
I learned how to gift wrap gifts the way they do it at John Lewis for their customers. I learned how to set up a new personal email address so I can sign up and get John Lewis offers. I learned about being responsible and learning to work by myself and not rely on others to help me too much.
I would recommend this amazing opportunity for anyone. You would really enjoy it. Because you would learn new skills as I did and also you would gain relevant experience that future jobs you apply for in the future. And you would be helping promote John Lewis too. So it’s a win-win.

What events are you planning for the months to come?
I am hosting 4 events in November and December.
In November I will be going and checking out arts group that runs weekly at The Thistle, so anyone looking for some crafty things to do, then just join in.
I’m hosting a Girls’ Night Out at the Herringbone in North Berwick. We have been there in the past for cocktails and it’s a brilliant venue, so I hope many ladies will join us. Girls Nights Out are really popular events and I can’t wait for another great night out with get2gether ladies!
In December we will be going with members for Christmas lunch at Frankie and Benny’sm, which we are hosting together with my colleague Ambassador Andrew.
I am also hosting another event where we will be going to Gyle with members to do the last bits of Christmas shopping and have a nice cuppa somewhere!

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