March cover story

March cover story

Eve has recently joined get2gether and here she is, on her first Big Night Out with get2gether, meeting new people and making friends with Jamie and Jason! We are hoping that brighter days are bringing you a lot of energy to be like Eve! Get out there, meet new people and make new friends. Our friendly Ambassadors can’t wait to see you at our events!

Tell get2gether about yourselves?

Eve: Hi, I’m Eve. I am 19 and have a brain injury.  I live in Dalkeith and attend Richmond during the week doing baking, swimming and cycling. I’m so pleased to have found get2gether and I loved my first event – karaoke disco! It was so great to meet new people, like Jason and Jamie. Everyone was so welcoming.

Jason: I joined get2gether in 2022 and have also really enjoyed getting to know other members. I’m 18, from Edinburgh and love going out with friends, watching & playing football and dancing.  

Jamie: I’m Jamie and I’ve been a member since 2016! I love getting involved with get2gether events – helping especially with setting up big nights, putting up flags and welcoming people. 

What are you looking for in joining get2gether?

Eve: I’m hoping to meet new friends. My main interests and hobbies are socialising and cooking – I love parties and talking to people. I’m really looking forward to more discos and big nights out. 

Jason: I joined get2gether to make new friends, in 2022, my favourite events have been Let’s Talk About Sex (LTAS) and big nights out at ATIK.  I found LTAS useful for having a partner, especially using protection, consent & boundaries.

We’re so glad you came along to your first event and met new people. What does friendship mean to you?

Eve: Friendship means that people don’t just want to be friends with me cos I’m different, they want to be friends with me because they like me for me. I would describe myself as witty, chatterbox and cheeky. 

Jason: Friendship to me is happiness.

Jamie: Friendship is get2gether events – and fun! And more fun and more fun. I like seeing people and hanging out. I’m looking forward to HYPE and the 10 year anniversary at The Brunton Theatre!

Join us for our Big Nights out, Wild Nights In and everything in between – for more info, get in touch via  

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