May cover story

May cover story

Since October 2022, get2gether’s planning committee have been thinking about and planning May’s 10 year anniversary.   

Planning meeting at Grassmarket’s Coffee Saints in September 2022

At our first meeting, we talked about venues. We made a list of a dream venues and eventually narrowed the options down to two – The Brunton Theatre or The Corn Exchange! Unfortunately the Corn Exchange was not fully accessible so we booked up the Brunton and announced the date for the celebration at 2022’s AGM! 

Ox bar in October 2022 for our second in-person planning meeting!

At our Steering Group in Feb 2023, Shaun updated everyone with news:

  • plans in place were very exciting 
  • The Dress Code is to be whatever makes you feel good
  • a red carpet and fancy photos had been requested 
Look at the banner that Keith made!

We had a wonderful final in-person meeting at The Brunton earlier in March – 15 members came along! However, we have since found out that we will not be able to hold our anniversary at the Brunton due to a problem with the building.

Will we see you at THE HYPE instead???? We would LOVE to see familiar faces, perhaps older members who haven’t been for a while. If you’re in touch with anyone, please invite them to come along to celebrate. Any questions, contact!

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