May Cover Story

May Cover Story

This month we interviewed the wonderful Red Carpet planning team! Members from East Lothian and Edinburgh came together to The Brunton Theatre Bistro to discuss ideas for our Red Carpet event. They talked about how to make the most of this event and how best to celebrate 9 years of get2gether!

Thank you to our Red Carpet planning team for all their fabulous ideas and insights and we look forward to celebrating with everyone on the 12th of May. And a HUGE thank you to East Lothian Social Isolation Fund for funding our event – thanks to their support, entry for our members is free.

Member Nicola at The Brunton Theatre Meeting – 1st April 2022
What’re you looking forward to most about the Red Carpet event?

Dania: ‘I’m looking forward to partying and enjoying myself and making new friends and seeing members”

Kenneth: “I’m looking forward to partying and seeing the members and staff partying”

Colin: “Showing our style and class entertainment”

Shaun: “The beer! And seeing everyone dressed up!”

Katrina: “I think it will be good for people to celebrate in person after 2 years online! Members meeting up and enjoying themselves – our members know how to party!”

Leanne: “Getting to meet people I’ve not seen in ages”

Nicola: “It’ll be good to meet new members who’ve joined get2gether and the pals I’ve not gotten to see in a while because of covid”

Andy: “Partying and DJing!”

Sarah: “Catching up with everyone and the new beginnings for new members!”

Member Shaun at The Brunton Theatre Meeting – 1st April 2022
What are your ideas for the Red Carpet event?

Dania: “Glowsticks! Party poppers! Entertainment! Also more compliment cards, people really like them. I think it would also be great to have a show where get2gether members can show off their talents, if not at The Brunton then for a future event!”

Colin: “The songs and the DJs!”

Katrina: “Members like to have something that they can take away from the event and interact with so I think glowsticks would be great. Photobooths have also gone well previously! I also think we should have a big balloon shaped like a ‘9’ to celebrate 9 years of get2gether and members can take pictures next to it.”

Kenneth: “Balloons!”

Shaun: “I’d love to have pictures on the wall or a slideshow or photo album of all the pictures over the past two years”

Leanne: “Cards where members can write notes/ compliments on and give them to another member to get a conversation started!”

Andy: “I agree with Leanne – dating cards!”

Nicola: “I think we need an actual red carpet that members can walk on and take pictures. I also want to have a stall with Lynn where I give out popcorn, sweets, cupcakes and red carpet-themed stickers”

Andy: “A free bar! Wishful thinking I know haha!”

Sarah: “I think we should do a ‘Closest Coin to the Bottle’ game. We can have a bottle of wine or something and whoever gets their coin closest to the bottle wins the bottle of booze! The photobooth has worked really well in the past so I hope we can get it for this event too”

Like what you hear? Come along to our Red Carpet event on Thursday 12th May from 7pm-11pm at The Brunton Theatre!

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