Member Monday – Mark H

Member Monday – Mark H

We had the pleasure of talking to get2gether member Mark H for this month’s Member Monday! Mark has been a get2gether member for almost two years now, and has since been a regular online participant for events such as Monday Magic meetings, Wild Night INs, Steering Group (hybrid), and more! We chatted to him about his passions, hobbies, and favourite things about get2gether!

Read on for the full scoop!

Introduce yourself!

How long have you been a member of get2gether? How did you get involved in our community?

For almost two years now! I joined to meet new people because I like making new friends. I found out about get2gether online, I saw info about it on Facebook. I’m also on get2gether@home on Facebook. It was recommended to me to join the group, some friends told me about it and that’s why I got involved too.

Let’s chat get2gether!

What have been your favourite events? What’s your favourite thing about get2gether?

My favourite events have been the Wild Nights IN. I like the DJs, music and dancing. I’ve also enjoyed Karaokes online. I enjoy singing a lot.

I’d like to come to the ATIK too at some point because I’ve been told it’s a lot of fun with great DJs there and a lot of nice people there.

I like the music stuff get2gether has to offer, but a lot of it is a bit far away from me because I’m based in Glasgow. I haven’t been to any get2gether in person events but I am planning to coming along to an event in person, hopefully in September!

My favourite thing about get2gether is friends and meeting new people. I also really like the staff, they are amazing and do a good job. 

get2gether Wild Nights IN

Tell us about your interests!

What are your hobbies and passions outside of get2gether?

Football, live music events. I like rock music a lot and I like going along to tribute acts. I went to a Status Quo tribute concert which I enjoyed a lot the other day. 

I’m looking for volunteer jobs at the moment. I’m really into gardening, mowing the lawn and looking after plants. I’m growing tomatoes at the moment. I wish I could grow bananas too but it’s not the right temperature unfortunately – it would have to be really, really hot! I used to be a part of a Community Gardening group but after a period of time I’d have had to pay and it would’ve been too expensive for me.

I also like going out for a couple of drinks, meeting up, having food and stuff with friends. I’m also involved with other organisations like Dates N Mates as well as get2gether which are great for meeting new people. With Dates N Mates, I play pool and go out for food, go to museums, coffee, bingo.

Future plans!

Do you have any plans for the future? What things are most important to you in life?

I’ve been on some nice holidays over the past few years, and I’m going to Blackpool in August. I’m going there over the weekend with my support worker. I’d like to plan some more holidays and trips out to look forward to.

Family is very important to me and I have a good circle of friends around me. They are the most important people in my life.

Final thoughts!

What advice would you give to people who are interested in becoming a member and attending our events but are a bit nervous?

Join get2gether, they’re a good organisation. You meet lots of friends, you always get sent the emails. Don’t be nervous, just go do it! And there will always be staff there to help you. I’m always going to be with get2gether because they’re a good organisation.

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