Introducing get2gether’s newest staff member…Lewis!

Introducing get2gether’s newest staff member…Lewis!

We had the pleasure of chatting to our newest staff member…Lewis! Lewis chatted to us about his new role, experiences of get2gether as a member, hopes for the future and advice on applying to jobs.

Read on for the full scoop!

Introduce yourself!

Who are you? How did you discover get2gether?

Hi there, my name is Lewis, I’m 22 years old and I first joined get2gether back in 2018 when I was 18 years old, because I had a lot of friends who were a part of it as members who recommended it to me. It’s a good atmosphere to be there, loads of new friends to make, everyone’s really friendly and good for a laugh.

Congrats on being appointed get2gether’s newest staff member!

What are you most excited about for your role? Do you have any ideas for events you’d like to host?

I always look forward to my next shift. My first two shifts that I’ve done I really enjoyed. I worked at the Mardi Gras pop-up and at the Karaoke Disco at Gorgie. I’m looking forward to the 18th of August at ATIK, which I will be working. 

I was thinking about having a Sonic-themed night for people that are a big fan of Sonic. I was also thinking about having a Martial-arts themed night and an 80s themed night.

From left to right, Gemma, Lewis and Philip at Lewis’s first event as a member of staff, Mardi Gras – 16/07/22

What’s your favourite thing about get2gether?

Meeting new people, having a catch up with everyone there – when big get2gether events happen you sometimes haven’t seen people for quite a while, especially with the pandemic. Coming back after all of that and having big events start again was really good. I also like listening to the good music from the get2gether DJs and having a good laugh with everyone.

What motivated you to apply for a job with get2gether?

I’ve seen how the staff work and it seemed really interesting to me and I was quite interested in what the job involved as well as events and stuff like that. It’s something I’ve fancied doing for quite a while now.

From left to right, Lewis, Kevin and David at get2gether’s Karaoke Disco – 22/07/22

Is there anything you’d like get2gether members to know about you?

For anyone that doesn’t know me that well yet, I have a very good sense of humour. I’m usually on the wind-up – that’s just my personality! I’m very good at socialising with new people and making new friends. I’m easy-going and easy to talk to so if anyone sees me that isn’t familiar with me, don’t be scared to come up and say ‘hi’ – I don’t bite! It’ll be good for members that don’t know me to come and have a conversation with me and get to know one another.

What would you say to people who are interested in signing up for get2gether but are a bit nervous?

I definitely recommend signing up. If you’re not sure at first, come along to one of the events because it will be a very good experience for you. I remember what it was like for me when I attended my first get2gether event and it was a very good experience. You can always speak to a member of staff if you’re a bit nervous too!

Lewis (in the centre) at our Rainbow Pride – 23/06/22

What are your passions outside of get2gether?

I like doing my football. I like spending time with my girlfriend Amanda and my family and friends. I also like listening to pop music and doing some writing. At night time I like to watch things like the Cobra Kai series, martial arts stuff and Fast and Furious films. I also like the Karate Kid films and COBRA KAI. I am also a fan of Chuck Norris and PS4 gaming.

Final thoughts?

If there are ever any get2gether jobs that come up in the future and there are members who are interested in the sound of it, then apply and give it your absolute best! That’s what I did. I applied for an Ambassador role and sadly I didn’t get it, however I was offered another opportunity which I was really happy about. It’s not every day that you get turned down for a job and offered something else! If a job ever comes up, even if it’s just voluntary, I definitely would recommend to apply for it because it’s a wonderful opportunity. Being a member and working for get2gether is really fun, because you’re two things at once. I really recommend people to join get2gether and apply for any jobs in the future that come up. Give it your best, give it your all, if you get an interview then express your feelings on why you think you’d be good for that role, tell them your experiences of get2gether and explain how you feel you’d be good for that role – really put your might in!

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