Mystic Mairi is saying #iamSelfDetermined

Mystic Mairi is saying #iamSelfDetermined


The way I see it, self-determination means taking responsibility for yourself and your own actions. But it also means asking for help when you need it.

For example – I live in my own house and have my own life, but I do need some help with little things around the house. It’s OK to get help and in this case, I have my independence.

Another thing that I can tell you about is my tattoos. Some people might say that women should not get tattoos, or that people with disabilities should not have tattoos. But I really like them and I am proud of that and those tattoos are part of me now.

People around me are very protective and this sometimes gets in the way and this protection is misplaced. As an adult I am allowed to make mistakes and more importantly, take on consequences.

Another point for me with self-determination is also standing up for what you believe in.


It’s OK to speak your mind.

It’s OK to disagree.


You don’t have to agree with what others tell you.

Eventually you have to stand on your own feet.

It might be hard at first, it might be hard for those around you, but it is great in the long run!

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