Six months of get2gether at home facebook group!

Six months of get2gether at home facebook group!

Red and pink image lists what is important to our members including new friends, family, work and connection

Slowly but surely, we’ve built an empire! Or rather you, our members have built an empire, and coordinators have, as usual, been led by you! 

Six months of weekly meetings have produced 24 weeks of quizzes, activities, work outs, singing, dancing and have led into partnerships, friendships and zoom events. Many of our members have developed skills, gained a ton of confidence and are feeling more professional.

Ambassadors Stephan, Katrina and Andrew and coordinators Mojca, Rosy and Beth decided it would be great to commemorate this period and celebrate the journey that staff and volunteers alike have been on together. The Ambassadors launched Team Building on the 28th of September encouraging members to come along prepared to answer two questions about what’s important to them and also how the Monday meeting can support existing and new members. 

The group talked about the benefits of this regular group, with one member saying that ‘I have an idea and bring it to the Monday meeting and it gets moulded with all these heads’ because ‘you get about 5 brains on the one idea.’ The element of flexibility is noted as well with one member saying ‘it’s all down to experience, if it works then great but if not we’ll try something else. It’s about not taking it to heart.”

Another member memorably said that ‘since lockdown, gig buddies scotland and get2gether has contributed greatly to my time – we have met different people in different zoom chats. It has been great – we have new fresh ideas now, more ideas, new people have come to our organisation, the more we work together, the more we learn.’ How wonderful to see collaborations popping up and making life easier during this time which has been difficult for so many. We love to see it!

All in all, a huge thank you to our members who have kept pandemic life and get2gether filled to the brim with excitement, enthusiasm and fun. Thank you for reminding us that ‘when your head hits the pillow tonight, you’ve done a good job so be patient with yourself and remember that big things are achieved not all at once but one day at a time’.

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