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At get2gether, we believe that everyone has the right to love and friendship. We also believe that people meeting each other should be easy, fun and accessible.

That’s why we arrange social activities for people with disabilities online and in safe and friendly places in Edinburgh and the Lothians. 

Our members tell us what they’re interested in – and that’s what we do.

Check out some of our pictures on Flickr from 2013-2019 and 2019-present to see how much fun we have.

From ping pong tournaments to the panto, speed dating, dancing and meals out, we’re there!


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get2gether’s role in the disability community

Increasingly, safe spaces for disabled people are becoming rare with the cost of living crisis taking astrangle hold. get2gether is only one of several charities who has been hit by[…]

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March cover story!

“You’ve said, we’ve listened” For over 10 years, get2gether’s steering group has been driving our community. What is the Steering Group? When get2gether was born in 2013, The Steering Group[…]

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This month we have best pals Dana and Nate! How did you meet? Nate: I met her at Project Search eight years ago back when we were interns. Dana: Yes![…]

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get2gether supporting members through Cost of Living Crisis

get2gether knows how difficult and cold life can be for our members so we’ve been linking in with organisations to bring you accessible information and friendly partnerships. In January 2024[…]

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This month we have long distance best pals John and Dylan! How did you meet? John: I met Dylan when he did his DJ zoom set during a get2gether DJ[…]

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February cover story!

We spoke to Kieran and Gemma, this month’s lovely Valentines couple!  Where did you meet? Gemma: We met at Edinburgh college through my sister in Dec 2018 – it was[…]

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For the 1st Friendship Spotlight for the upcoming New Year, we have Isla and Jason!! How did you meet? Jason: I met Isla at get2gether’s Big Night Out – I[…]

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January Cover Story – Natalie & Kaz – New Friendship Course

This month, January 2024, we talk to our peer mentors about why they love their role and what to expect with the new Friendship Course!  What is a peer mentor? […]

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Why being together in person is so important in our lives

At get2gether we are providing social opportunities for our members. We see the use of online events as a vehicle where adults with disabilities can overcome social isolation, especially those[…]

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December cover story

For December’s cover story, we’re talking to our beloved DJ Andy! He’s looking forward to seeing you at Jewel Miners Club for our festive celebration on the 14th December, 7-11pm,[…]

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November cover story

“Without get2gether, I wouldn’t have made friends.” This month, in November 2023, get2gether is celebrating 10 years of Love and Friendship! Phillip, our November cover star, shares his journey and[…]

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October cover story

On the cover is a summer throwback with our Patron Rosie Jones! Rosie is famous for being her fabulous and unfiltered self on stage, on TV and in her most[…]

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September’s cover story

We caught up with ex-Ambassador Karen – a few things have changed! Karen said in 2019 that her hopes were that “get2gether continues to grow! I hope that members get[…]

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new venue!


We understand that some of our members will find this news disappointing, but unfortunately, we are no longer able to host our club nights at Hype Club & Cocktail Lounge[…]

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August cover story

Hi Laurence! How long have you been a get2gether member? How did you find out about us?  I joined in February 2016 – I think it had very recently changed[…]

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Pride and Intersectionality

Happy Pride Month! Pride is an important part of our community. Many members of get2gether are part of, and supporters of, the LGTBQ+ community and pride! get2gether has worked hard to[…]

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July Cover Story

Our member Ryan is on the front cover singing into a microphone. He is smiling. Karaoke discos are back! Hi Ryan! You’ve officially been a member since 2021 but you’ve been[…]

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10 years of get2gether!

Ten years ago, a launch party was held at The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. It was a huge success, with over 200 people showing up to celebrate and have a[…]

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The Gallery of Modern Art – Mindfulness Event, May 2023

This is a group photo of us outside modern two, with the gardens behind us. We all went to the Scottish Museum of Modern Art, to do some mindfulness. We[…]

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June cover story

We’re talking to get2gether members Caitlin and Carrieann – in summer they will have been married for a year! Join us to hear about their future plans, their favourite get2gether[…]

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Ambassador’s skill share: working with the Scottish Government

To explore the wider impact of get2gether on the lives of adults with disabilities, we are collaborating with the Scottish Government Learning Disability policy team on the new bill to[…]

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3 years of get2gether online!

get2gether’s online offering was born just days after the announcement of the pandemic – and ‘get2gether at home’ was born on March 19th 2020. Our online world turned three in[…]

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May cover story

Since October 2022, get2gether’s planning committee have been thinking about and planning May’s 10 year anniversary.    At our first meeting, we talked about venues. We made a list of a[…]

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We are hiring a Communications & Events Coordinator!

get2gether is looking for a creative communicator, someone highly organised, able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. If you have a commitment to promoting the inclusion of people with[…]

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The Holyrood Mindfulness Walk

Get2gether has been delivering mindfulness events with Steve fromChange Therapy for over 2 years. Here our member AJ tells us abouther experience at March’s mindfulness walk around Holyrood park. “For[…]

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ANNOUNCEMENT! 10 year anniversary venue has moved!

You may have seen that The Brunton Theatre has discovered their roof has some structural damage – due to this, we will not be able to return to Brunton for[…]

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March’s skillshare: Avoiding Debt

What is debt? Citizens Advice has named debt ‘the issue to look out for in 2023’. Ex-Ambassador Katrina and current Ambassador Emma put together a skillshare drawing on Katrina’s lived[…]

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April cover story

Scott joined at the beginning of February and has had a busy month! Read below to hear about his adventures.  Hi Scott, it sounds like you’ve had an amazing first[…]

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Monday Magic Skillshare – Public Speaking

Q: What is public speaking?  A: It’s when you are speaking as yourself to a group of people in a public setting. The setting could be on zoom or any[…]

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March cover story

Eve has recently joined get2gether and here she is, on her first Big Night Out with get2gether, meeting new people and making friends with Jamie and Jason! We are hoping[…]

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#access is love

This Valentines day, accessibility is love – there are many types of accessibility and we want to make events and information as welcoming and available as possible for everyone. This[…]

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National Storytelling Week!

Cheers to all the fantastic heroes. There can be no better more heartfelt words than when life is getting challenging and difficult.Yes. Let’s all get together. Miracles can be worked.[…]

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Celebrating Space Gang!

“We started Space Gang from scratch and have built up a really good team. We have a lot of people joining. It makes you feel confident and proud. You can[…]

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Hybrid Steering Group

Our Steering Group is at the heart of get2gether’s decision-making process! We want to hear from YOU, the members, to hear your ideas and get your input on the running of[…]

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February cover story

We had the pleasure of chatting to loved up couple Charlie and Erin who spoke about getting to know each other at ATIK and navigating relationships alongside the craziness of[…]

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Goodbye ATIK – Hello HYPE!

BIG NEWS – we’re relocating for our Valentine’s Big Night Out to HYPE @ Fountainpark. ATIK was wonderful for 9 years – members talked about attending the first night in[…]

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January cover story

Introduce yourself. Who are you? What are your passions? Hi, I’m Emma! I’ve been a member of get2gether since 2017. I joined because I was looking for charities or people[…]

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Text-Only Newsletters!

Did you know that get2gether releases ‘Text-only’ versions of our monthly newsletters? You asked and we delivered! These text-only newsletters will be compatible with screen-readers for members who are blind[…]

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December Cover Story

For our December cover story, we had the absolute pleasure of speaking to dance group (and get2gether members) Unique-Ability! They chatted to us about their experiences forming the group, how[…]

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Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022

Did you know…. That our Hybrid AGM is on Thursday 10th of November? We want to celebrate you, the membership, and everyone that has contributed to get2gether over the past[…]

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get2gether’s Karaoke Discos!

In preparation for get2gether’s Karaoke Disco this Friday, we interviewed 4 members to get all of the Karaoke Disco chat! Wanting a fun night out this Friday? Come and join[…]

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After 6 and a half years, our fantastic Ambassador Katrina has decided to leave get2gether to study to pursue her dreams of becoming a Classroom Assistant for children with additional[…]

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Fringe Reviewers – The Lady Boys of Bangkok

Last month, our Fringe Reviewers headed to see ‘The Lady Boys of Bangkok’ in collaboration with Euan’s Guide. They let us know their thoughts on the show, accessibility and location![…]

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Fringe Reviewers – revamping the story!

Ambassador Natalie and Peer Mentor Mairi went to see ‘Buffy: Revamped’. They both commented on how much they enjoyed going to see the show together, Mairi saying ‘It was a[…]

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October Cover Story

We’re saying a warm goodbye to our wonderful Ambassador, Katrina, who is moving on to pursue her dreams of studying to become a Classroom Assistant for children with additional support[…]

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September Cover Story

We had the pleasure of interviewing members Lesley-Anne and David who are celebrating their 4 year anniversary as a couple this September. We chatted to them about their love story,[…]

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We are thrilled to announce that we are hiring for a new Peer Mentor! Have you attended our Live Your Life or Let’s Talk about Sex course? Do you have[…]

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August Cover Story

For our August cover story, we have get2gether members, and frequent pop-up attendees: Shaun, Mairi and Keith. We had the pleasure of talking to them about everything ‘Pop-Up’ related! Want[…]

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Let's Talk About Sex with get2gether logo

2 years of Let’s Talk About Sex!

We’re delighted to be celebrating 2 whole years of our Let’s Talk About Sex course! We chatted to previous course attendees John C, Leanne, Erin and John C about their[…]

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Member Monday – Daniel F!

Daniel F at our ATIK Latin Party, 21/04/22 For our brand new ‘Member Monday’ blog segment, we chatted to member Daniel F, who has been a get2gether member for over[…]

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June Cover Story

Picture is of Natalie McCaughey (she/they) (on the right) standing alongside ambassador Katrina (she/her) at our February 2022 club night at ATIK) “This is the first time in my life[…]

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